Aimondo 5.75% Bond Before Closing Due to Full Placement

The fact that the bond can be closed prematurely despite the adverse market environment is a great success. The company has thus placed its second bond, the first of which ran from 2017 to February of this year and bore interest of 6.25%. Aimondo provides information and pricing services for online retailers and manufacturers on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform.

In 2016, CEO Heinrich Müller, as co-founder, took the chance that this eCommerce sector was still very much dominated by more traditional retail practitioners. Prices were rarely adjusted, competitors were sporadically observed manually. Amazon and some other large online specialists had invested their own systems or, like the German number 2 in online business, a lot of money in the acquisition of a specialist company. In the meantime, Aimondo has become the technologically leading pricing service provider worldwide. With AI, cloud-based infrastructure, self-learning algorithms and dynamic pricing offered as Software-as-a-Service.

This IT success Made-in-Düsseldorf was made possible by the experience of the founders, an international team of specialists and the courage of some investors. Aimondo raised the money over and above its own funds in the first bond issue, later with shares of the Swiss parent company, which were bought by some “Family & Friends” subscribers. Since May 2020 the expansion as well as the beginning globalization is financed with the new bond. The courage to take risks is rewarded, the bank-securitized bonds yield very good returns, the shares were sold comparatively cheaply and are aimed at American success dimensions. The team now has a good 20 members and, in addition to exceptional technical expertise, also includes internationally experienced managers such as Thomas Baierlein, a top manager with extensive experience of the Group.

The 36-year-old digital pioneer Heinrich Müller was already an IT entrepreneur as a teenager and travelled the world. By the end of this year, he wants to be in the black with Aimondo’s virtual price machine and fully automated service. He points out that in the meantime, for example, a German Internet company such as Delivery Hero has climbed into the Dax with an annual loss of almost half a billion euros, despite the fact that its figures are still in the red. And on the stock market it is worth almost 19 billion euros. And rightly so, because the stock market is where the future is traded – and it is digital. Aimondo has already planned the price of an IPO today. It should be ready by 2021 at the latest. Today’s bond subscribers can expect to be offered a very attractive preferential subscription offer even before an official IPO date.

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