Aimondo Shareholders Exchange For Participation Certificates

Schwende (CH), 10.08.2019. There is good news for those who belong to the inner circle of “Family & Friends” shareholders of Aimondo AG. They can now expect their shareholding (ISIN CH0457495718) to double shortly as Participation Certificates (ISIN CH0457495734). After the dematerialisation of the participation certificates, their traditionally certified securities will be credited to the holders’ custodian accounts as participation certificates in digital form.

First, it was the turn of the owners of the Aimondo GmbH bond (ISIN DE000A2DAJA9). They could be contractually assured that they would convert the bond with a value of EUR 1,000 each into 465 participation certificates each through the intermediate step of exchanging it for shares. This has been in full swing since August 5 of this year. Almost all bonds were included in this exchange – which is not surprising. After all, this act brings a mathematical increase in value of over 300%. The participation certificates in Switzerland are quoted at around CHF 7.50. In addition, the founding shareholder promises to compensate the interests until 15.08.2019 in the form of additional participation certificates.

The offer ended on 16.08.2019. The custodian banks have informed their clients about this. The founding shareholder itself also wrote to the bond owners.

Shareholders from the vicinity of the company, i.e. those who were directly involved in shares, can expect a gratifying increase in the value of their securities.

As soon as the exchange of the bonds has been completed, they will also receive preference shares. Two participation certificates (this is the name given to these prefenence shares in Switzerland) will be issued for each voting share. Instead of voting rights, the participation certificates are entitled to a seven percent higher dividend. This is very interesting for yield-oriented investors. All shareholders are informed separately and individually.

The share is currently quoted at around seven Swiss francs, the preference share or the participation certificate at around CHF 7.50. With an exchange ratio of 1 to 2, i.e. one share for two participation certificates, the process is extremely lucrative. Depending on the time of entry, the increase may even be worth more than doubling.

The german operating company is becoming more and more important in the market and is aiming to achieve break-even before the end of 2020. It therefore seems advisable to plan over a longer period of time. Because, as René Grübel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aimondo AG, announces, after the digitalization of the share certificates has now been completed, the work begins to establish Aimondo on a regulated stock exchange.

Heinrich Müller, who directs the fortunes of the German subsidiary and is jointly responsible for its management on the Board of Directors, makes a comprehensive statement on the current position: “This summer we have taken the product to a new, even higher level. The plug-in module for online shops is ready – for Magento even seamlessly implemented. The investigative part of the AI software has been perfected to such an extent that today we can securely find up to 99.9% in the net – no matter whether on marketplaces or in shops. The extremely dangerous gap for retailers between the 60% find quota that has been more common in the market and that of our competitors is closing. This puts us in a technologically leading position worldwide – our customers benefit in the form of an enormous competitive advantage. We offer every interested party the opportunity to put this fact to the acid test.

Active and direct market communication has begun. On the basis of concrete experience, we are now completely renewing our brand image. This will make us more visible for online shop operators and brand manufacturers. In Germany but also worldwide”.

Employees can expect the benefits of the expansion in the form of incentives, customers as an even more significant contribution to increasing sales and returns, and shareholders as a result of the expected increase in the value of the company.

The team is happy to answer questions from shareholders. They can simply be sent to

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