Aimondo AG: 100% control over national companies

Dec 2022. The plan to centrally take over all company shares as well as the management of the individual country companies before the end of the 2022 calendar year has been successfully completed. The companies Aimondo Austria GmbH, Aimondo Italia S.R.L and Aimondo UK Ltd. are now 100% owned by the Swiss Aimondo AG. The same applies to the new development, consulting and service company Pepper Pricing GmbH in Germany. The management and billing function of the central public limited company in Zurich was completed before the middle of the year. In the course of this, the rights to the name together with the various commercial usage agreements from the copyright were also united with the main shareholder in Nicosia (Cyprus).

The Cypriot IP Box regime, which was already introduced in 2012 and updated in 2016, complies with the guidelines of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This makes the country ideal for IP protection, offers favourable financial incentives and is additionally very popular with very well-educated young people, for whom Germany does not seem very attractive.

In the course of the company’s planning, which is strongly geared towards internationalisation, the founder Heinrich Müller consequently created a service unit in Cyprus, Aimondo Technologies Ltd. which, among other things, also concentrates software development, support, marketing, sales and international accounting in the group. The company shares of the German Aimondo GmbH were also transferred to TTIP, the founding shareholder of Aimondo AG, in Nicosia some time ago.

Thomas Baierlein, Aimondo manager and architect of the organisational streamlining, expects the clear structure with flat hierarchies to lead to a high increase in operational efficiency and a concentration of competence. The fact that this is spread over several countries is irrelevant given the nature of the global IT business in online commerce. English is the company language of the geographically dispersed employees anyway. And electronically supported co-working has been the practice of the start-up team for years. Since almost 100% of Aimondo’s technical infrastructure is located in the cloud as a neural network, distance has become almost irrelevant. Baierlein notes: “The centralised addressing of potential customers is possible from Cyprus to all economically significant regions through so-called native speakers. Very well educated people, for whom digital business processes with artificial intelligence are not new territory, apply here in large numbers. There is no trace of the German problem of a shortage of skilled workers. We still consider direct personal dialogue to be the most important communication channel after the initial digital contacts with new customers. Only in this way can we individually convey the enormous advantage that a cooperation with us makes measurable after just a few days.”

Legal framework conditions are just as decisive for success as the digital infrastructure. The EU member fulfils both criteria. “Our team here feels comfortable. You can see that in the positive attitude to performance and the will to succeed,” says Founder Heinrich Müller again and again. Of course, he is also pleased with the cooperative attitude of the banks and the fact that the authorities do not put any obstacles in the way of the digital pioneers, but actively strive to accompany them to success. The overall picture shows the basis of a Swiss AG for global management, an operational focus in Cyprus and supporting national subsidiaries as an optimised foundation. The basis for expansion and listing on a stock exchange thus seems to have been established as successfully as it is stable by the experienced Aimondo management team. “The global technological market leadership of fully automated pricing on the internet for consumer goods can now be converted into economic success figures with this set-up” Müller further states. “In 2022, the milestone was to reach break-even, and in 2023, after problems from the pandemic, the turn of the times and even some arbitrariness on the part of the authorities have then been overcome, a global success is finally to be targeted from the original Düsseldorf nucleus.” There are numerous models for this, especially from the United States – one of Aimondo´s target regions for the coming year.

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