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Aimondo is one of the companies with highest value growth potential.
The SaaS-based application world grows almost three times as fast as the entire software market.
Worldwide and contineously.

Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba, Shopify, Salesforce – everyone has heard about these companies and how they’ve transformed entire industries. These are just a few examples of the many companies that are currently radically changing the business world. This is also due to how they sell the products and services that drive change even into the most traditional and well-established industries. These new platform business models enable companies to do business differently, they are a source of value in the digital economy.

Aimondo is a fully digitized company with exclusively digital value-added processes and offers Data-as-a-Service for the eCommerce world and for manufacturers of branded products. Originally, Aimondo was supported financially by the founders alone. 72% of all SaaS start-ups are at least partially externally financed and use the competitive advantages typical of SaaS. Aimondo is now one of them and is expanding internationally by scaling its services.

A young company needs a substantial portion of relevance for the respective target market, in order to be perceived in a highly competitive environment and to have extraordinary chances of success. The days when almost any apps attracted investors as a start-up model are over. Successful SaaS companies, such as Salesforce or Shopify, are not just inventing something cool or unique that does not yet exist in this world. They develop products that are needed and loved by their customers because they offer considerable added value.

Aimondo is such a “value added service”. Because for relatively little effort and low cost, Aimondo provides the commercial online economy with the means to efficiently place individual products or whole product groups almost at will, making our commercial success and that of our customers almost a by-product of first-rate performance.

Countless studies are researching and proving consumer behavior – and hardly any area can be analyzed as precisely as the digital economy. This is exactly where we start and prepare information about concrete action recommendations from the unimaginably large amounts of data in the global network, which leads to more and more profitable sales. This means significant relevance for each operator in the fight against the dominant providers and in the enforcement against their competitors.

This added value continues for us, our team, and our supporters to have a global marketplace, to increase enterprise value virtually indefinitely, as our cloud-scale services are infinitely scalable.

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