Aimondo AG adds new company to the group

Berlin, 27.10.2022. Aimondo AG has added Pepper Pricing GmbH (Berlin), a new company for the creation of complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, to the Aimondo Group. Primarily, this unit will offer AI development and pricing consulting services, which will be marketed via Aimondo AG and also directly as a consulting service.

This orientation is to be seen in connection with the fact that the young and extremely internationally positioned Aimondo development unit in Cyprus will find its German complement in this unit. The demand for individual consulting services for companies in the online sector now goes beyond the general AI service package. Towards very specific integrations into the management decision-making levels of Aimondo clients. A very fine-tuned as well as dynamic response to dynamically changing market and product range environments, plus individualised packages of measures for new markets are actively in demand. Pepper develops these specialities and already has the bundled internal knowledge with the database power of several billion database entries for well-founded analyses. This means that very specific requirements can be met.

For the advisory sector, it is important to know that prices are a matter for the C-level. Because whoever determines them strategically and tactically regulates success. There is a need for decision-making here, sometimes down to the level of detail. For which automatically recorded parameters are more precise and more successful than any other method. As a result, profit margins are 30% more likely to be better if they are made at management level. In contrast, wrong prices mean a 25% margin loss on statistical average. This creates or reduces enterprise value.

Dynamic and AI-supported pricing is a direct key to success and effectively prevents failures. Ideal prices take into account success-critical data that is only available externally, i.e. all details of the competition. And in addition, a wealth of internally available expense data such as unit costs, total cost allocations, availability, capital (commitment) or logistics and storage situations as well as turnover frequency or supplier flexibility.

So prices coupled with knowledge of the impact of change create an enormous profit lever. Investing time and money in the right prices pays off.

The new Pepper Pricing Team of the Aimondo Group has the cross-industry purely rational and exclusively data-driven overview. Prices are analysed from the perspective of customer behaviour. Knowing the end customer view that can be extracted as data is the most powerful lever in the market. Internally available data is put in relation to this. The result is dynamic pricing 4.0 – updated daily or several times a day.

Having the right data available and using it completely for pricing is the result of the Aimondo Pepper pricing consulting service. This includes not only precise market observation using Artificial Intelligence but also parameter control of the pricing algorithms. Despite all the digitalisation, pricing in the markets has mostly remained largely analogue. Pricing 4.0 is digital and takes into account the dynamisation of prices with value- and market-oriented pricing logic – and has a lasting and decisive influence on the success of the company.

Frederik Müller, Managing Director of Pepper Pricing GmbH, is forming the new team primarily from employees with many years of experience. He was previously authorised signatory of the Düsseldorf-based Aimondo GmbH, whose shares have since been transferred from the Swiss parent company to the portfolio of the founding company of Aimondo AG. In this context, Aimondo AG had, as planned, completely taken over the administration of the rights of use to the AI core, which expired in the current financial year, and had handed over parts of this administration to Pepper Pricing GmbH and the Cypriot Aimondo development, service and marketing company. Müller states: “Aimondo AG is now to be listed on a stock exchange soon. In order to maintain our technological leadership in the rapidly growing internationally competitive markets, we owe it to our shareholders, customers and employees to position ourselves as efficiently as we do robustly. As a young company with the highest technological standards, it is inevitable to create friction in an environment of traditional thinking. The more broadly we are positioned, the better we can convince our customers of lasting reliability with action and advice.  Prices for products are so important that it is necessary to create mutual trust with our customers. You don’t get that for free. You have to work for it every day through performance and consolidate it by setting up for the long term.”

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