Aimondo AG: Preliminary Annual Result 2022 up 50% on Previous Year

Zurich, Feb 15, 2023. Machine Learning (ML) is establishing itself as an effective success tool in eCommerce. Despite adverse circumstances also in 2022, the group turnover of the start-up Aimondo, which specialises in artificial intelligence (AI)-based sales and yield improvement software for medium-sized and large companies, was increased by around 50%. The reorientation towards international markets by the now Swiss-based headquarters is bearing fruit. 2022 was used intensively to further expand the technological lead. The investments are beginning to have an effect and are enabling system customers to achieve completely new dimensions of efficient price and turnover optimisation.

In addition to the TTIP countries, the UK is the focus of Thomas Baierlein, CEO of the AG: “England offers the best conditions as a bridgehead for the US market. Both countries are far ahead in the online business as well as closely connected. We have target customers who are strong in both countries.” Heinrich Mueller, product inventor of the eCommerce optimization platform added: “By opening up the proven AI base and allowing customers to enrich the calculations with their own data or external information, we create a completely new horizon. Margins are improved, sales are managed. Perspective business planning is combined with ad-hoc result management. In the first quarter of 2023, we will make this available to an initially limited group of customers. The result: multiple dividends for customers from active interaction with Aimondo”.

In March 2023, the consolidated balance sheet of the Swiss Aimondo AG (formerly Duesseldorf/Germany based) should be ready, combining the results of the foreign sales companies and the Berlin development team. The integration of the new technology and service center in Cyprus is planned for mid-2023.

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