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Aimondo AG Streamlines International Expansion Structure

Zurich, June 2022.

Back in November 2020, Aimondo announced that it would realign the international structure under its management. Taking into account various external influences, this step was delayed and is now being implemented with vigour. The plans at that time included the capital increase of the German Aimondo GmbH, which has been completed in the meantime. The organisational integration of the national companies under the leadership of the Swiss parent company as well as the separation of the development team and the sales department are now also being implemented. The direct contractual relations with the data provider’s customers and the head office will be bundled from decentralised to centralised functions.

Thomas Baierlein, who has been on the board of directors of Aimondo AG since October 2020, has always been a proponent of the principle “think global, act local” and has already taken over the direct management of the Aimondo national companies in Italy and Austria. Since he took the lead there and also for Switzerland, more than a dozen promising negotiations are taking place with well-known online suppliers in each country. A move in this direction is also expected for Great Britain, where market share can be further expanded.

The commissioning of a new development site in the technology boom town of Limassol has now been concretised, as already publicly announced in May 2021. The step has already been prepared since 2018 and work has begun on creating the foundations under company law. In 2022, the starting shot can be fired, offering a more attractive environment for internationally oriented programmers in the demanding technology environment of Artificial Intelligence. The team, which has so far only been concentrated in Düsseldorf, will then have a choice.

There are few professionals as competitive as IT professionals. With the newly gained freedom of location, Aimondo can assert itself in the battle for talent. Communication and dialogue within the team at a distance are no longer a problem, because more culture is created via Zoom than at any coffee machine in the office.

Today, Aimondo AG already serves customers outside Germany directly and only obtains the preliminary services of data research and analysis from its German subsidiary Aimondo GmbH.

In future, the technology will be decentralised within the framework of several Aimondo Systems AG subsidiaries. Marketing and customer support will take place in specially set up “regional” units. These companies form the regional bridgeheads. Internally, they are the actual customers of the developers. Within these regional units and vis-à-vis the development teams, the newly created function of project director will be the expert interface between technology and customers.

Heinrich Müller, as CEO a member of the board of directors of Aimondo AG and father of its brainchild “Aimondo”, makes it clear: “The Aimondo customers remain at the centre. In the future, they will have only one person as a regular contact person with a high level of expertise, who sees himself quasi as influential representative of their interests. Whether the implementation of special wishes then takes place in Düsseldorf, Limassol, California or another time zone is no longer important. One has known the principle for a long time in a figurative sense from successful advertising agencies as an Artdirector.”

Using the very efficient and contemporary Scrum project management methods, Aimondo Projectdirectors can offer the development teams additional freedom and flexibility in problem solving.

This contributes to identification with the advanced Aimondo services, it increases employee attractiveness and customer satisfaction in equal measure. Müller also sees this as an ideal prerequisite for his own company and the resulting tradable company value that is firmly planned for the near future. Various tasks of administration, customer care, product copyright and brand rights representation are already carried out by Aimondo AG both for the Aimondo companies and for the founding shareholder. This also includes the ambitious further expansion of the subscription principle as an economic basis for customer relations. This is because the customer-friendly subscription procedure, which is limited in terms of both time and quantity, has the effect of multiplying the added value in the long term.


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