Aimondo AG – voluntary exchange of the Aimondo GmbH bond into preference shares (PS) of Aimondo AG

Zurich/Nicosia. 7.2.2020. Aimondo AG has completed the listing documents for listing on Nasdaq First North for review. In connection with the intended listing of the participation certificates (PS ISIN CH0457495734), the founding shareholder of the AG, TTIP Limited, is offering an exchange of the bond issued on 15.5.2020 (ISIN DE000A289K55).

For each 1,000 Euro of the bond, the bond subscribers will receive 250 participation certificates from TTIP’s holdings. This preferential price of the preferred shares (participation certificates) is justified by the recognition of the bond subscribers as “early birds” who were already convinced of the Aimondo business model two years ago. At a time when Aimondo was still operating strongly out of the red, investing in technical leadership and the “black zero” was still beyond the horizon.

This means that bond subscribers today have a double opportunity – on the one hand, they had the advantage of the high (5.75% p.a.) yield in zero or even negative interest times, which was reliably distributed every six months, and on the other hand, they can now make a preferential and thus comparatively cheap entrepreneurial entry. They then benefit from the expected future increase in value as well as a 7% higher dividend entitlement.

Today Aimondo stands stronger in the market. For some time now, renowned corporations and large internet retailers have been using the artificial intelligence of Aimondo’s re-pricing systems to manoeuvre themselves into the best position in online trading with mathematical precision.

In the transparent online economy, where the toughest competition is only a mouse-click away, turnover and yield are existential tasks for management on a daily basis. Aimondo technology is an essential key to success in this respect, with thousands and hundreds of thousands of products being recorded, analysed and price-checked fully automatically by all competitors every day. This cannot be done with human labour – artificial intelligence, on the other hand, reliably recognises the right information in near real time and thus creates clarity from several million data points that are otherwise well protected against analysis.

As a reminder: the online economy has been growing extraordinarily for years – today additionally spurred by the effects of the pandemic.

The second Corona year 2021 has also brought strong growth to online trade in Germany. Gross sales of goods in e-commerce rose by 19 percent to 99.1 billion euros, according to the industry association bevh. In the meantime, every seventh euro in retail is spent via the internet, in the non-food sector even every fifth euro.

“E-commerce is increasingly perceived as the normal and usual. Its growth is stabilising at a high level,” said bevh President Gero Furchheim.

The market is growing – and with it the position of the premium service provider for the key factors of entrepreneurial success in the digitally shaped present and future. Shares have a special significance here. On the one hand, such effectively concentrated capital is the fuel for expansion and globalisation. On the other hand, forward-thinking investors can share in the benefits of megatrends. Everyone knows the stories about the value growth of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Co. – and even such strong, established industries as the automotive industry, which were long considered stable, are producing newcomers like Tesla with a value growth of 20,000 percent in ten years. This is despite the fact that Elon Musk – who once got rich selling Paypal – has not earned a cent from the company for the longest time.

Aimondo, according to company founder and digital pioneer Heinrich Müller, is now in a position to take the step from technical pioneering to economic leadership through bold internationalisation.  After all, a software-as-a-service company that has reached the break-even point is a very special gem – its EBIT is very, very high after the black zero because the costs only grow secondarily.

Exchange offers for the bond will be communicated to bondholders by their bank. Those interested in the participation certificates can also inquire directly with Aimondo or the founding shareholder TTIP whether they can still participate at a favourable price before the listing.

The official exchange offer is here.

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