Latest CTR data underline the importance of ranking

Schwende, July 2019: The latest update of the Click-Through Statistics (CTR-Data) confirms once again that user behaviour has remained stable over the years. If products are offered commercially for sale on the Internet, the first 5 places decide about 75% of the turnover.

For articles that are subject to strong competition, the price together with the delivery time and the reputation of the provider is still the decisive criterion for success. The right price in context can only be achieved through constant observation of the competition – on platforms directly in shops and with constant vigilance towards new providers. If the so-called “organic search results” are correct, good sales are achieved – sometimes tiny corrections decide on a top or a flop position.

Source: Aimondo CTR Metadata 2019

Aimondo Eye Tracking CTR Heatmap

The 2019 updated data on user behavior:

From position 10 – i.e. from page 2 onwards – you don’t have to be surprised about the lack of success. While on page 2 of the search results there can still be a 1 in front of the % comma, sales from page 3 are completely atomized. After all, all companies in loser positions >10 share on average only 13.3% of all sales. That is often 50 to 70 companies, it is easy to imagine how relatively low the prospects for good figures are there.

Aimondo CTR Eye Tracking Heatmap

Of course, the margin must also be right. All too often the prices are too clearly under those of the competition with good positioning. Where sometimes a few cents are enough to take a top position, too much distance is kept. And this is where the annual result is decided. 1% more margin usually means 7.4% more EBIT. A difference that stands for the difference between healthy earnings and ruinous competition in battle-oriented online trading.

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