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The Worldwide Digital Transformation

Digital transformation - the biggest, fastest
transformation of the world in production
and trade since humanity began.

Worldwide, the transition from stationary trading to the online-based process is gaining momentum with double-digit growth rates per year. A market that is doubling from $ 2 trillion today to well over $ 4 trillion by 2020. Along with this, Aimondo’s addressable volume is growing. Traditional companies and digitally influenced newcomers are fighting bitter market battles. New players conquer markets, old structures die or change radically.

Aimondo delivers a powerful, crucial tool – market intelligence and decision-making content. Global thinking and action – lean high-performance technology. Competitive information, analysis and the right conclusions are more crucial than ever. Aimondo has them – renewed every day. For the online megatrend, which gradually covers practically all countries and sectors.

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