Aimondo AG Again Reports 50% Increase in Turnover

The annual financial statement 2022 is the preliminary balance sheet and the topic for the board and the shareholders. On 17th and 18th March, around 100 interested Aimondo investors met in Düsseldorf for the first public IR meeting. AI-flex, the group’s new platform for business customers, was presented. From pure price optimisation for online suppliers, becomes a powerful business tool with the newly developed function package.

From now on, this can be used to analyse forecasts from the company’s huge data pool in relation to the current market behaviour of competitors and to create them with external influencing data such as economic data, weather expectations, trends and so on. These can then be merged into simulations with internal factors such as costs, quantity structures and yield benchmarks. Scenarios obtained in this way form the basis for decisions on day-to-day optimisations and future ideal behaviour. This sounds complex, but it is. However, the prepared function combinations help to such an extent that, after a short period of experience, the user’s own calculative tailor-made work produces the desired results. Depending on whether the focus is on return, capital investment or market position – with AI-flex, Aimondo has introduced a new class of sliders for online success in the B2C segment.

Interested “Family & Friends” members of the Aimondo Group can pick up a video summary of the prepared AI-flex functions from the hotline or the team. In principle, this is then the same level of knowledge that the guests received in Düsseldorf in March. Valentin Dallinger, the data scientist in the team, has already had the opportunity to present routinely at the IR meeting – every investor was convinced of the leap in development that the programmers have made to enter the English-speaking markets with commitment and skill.

Thomas Baierlein and Manfred Peters, both members of the Group’s Executive Board, then explained the current situation, the perspectives and, in clear words, the influence that the judicial authorities have had on the originally much faster pace and far higher innovation speed of the pioneers of AI-based eCommerce optimisation. Despite the market conditions with pandemic, war, inflation and official disruptions, the subsidiaries achieved growth targets that other companies dream of.

This could already be announced as an outlook in mid-March of the year and is now confirmed in the preliminary income statement of Aimondo AG. Around 50% growth in turnover in the 4th year in a row corresponds to exponential growth and gives an idea of the dimensions that would have been realised if the team around founder Heinrich Müller had expanded undisturbed.

It is also pleasing that the gross profit more than doubled compared to the previous year. René Grübel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aimondo, explains it this way: “We pointed out from the beginning that for a company whose business model is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), there is a steep margin curve after reaching the black zero. This is exactly what happened around the middle of last year. However, we also don’t want to conceal the fact that our founding shareholder has contributed to the improvement in results with great loan repayment waivers and cost transfers in the network as well as in the new development companies in Berlin and Cyprus.”

Manfred Peters, head of the founding company TTIP in Nicosia, notes with satisfaction that despite all the headwinds, the trend is going the right way. For after deducting all operating costs, the operating loss (EBIT) for the year was only about CHF 250,000 compared to CHF 750,000 in the previous year. Taking into account the roughly halved financial costs, the EBT result, with a loss of CHF 432,000, is about 44% of the previous year’s result. The fact that the bottom line profit of just over 200,000 CHF exceeds the previous year’s result of 80,000 CHF by a factor of 2 ½ is more of statistical value. The start-up losses of millions of Swiss francs in 2019 and 2020 will also be reduced by the fact that extraordinary income will contribute just under 900,000 Swiss francs to the annual result. The exact final figures will probably be made available to the limited circle of shareholders in one to two weeks as an official trading statement in conjunction with a revised plan for the coming years. Interested investors can request the preliminary results from their known sources of information.

Thomas Baierlein, who is also preparing the expansion into the US market on the board of Aimondo AG, emphasises: “The new initiative on the British island is based on wish lists of the most progressive customers in Europe with the best connections also to the United States. Via this path, we should succeed in winning our first customers there this year. And since I’m not only a manager but also a musician, I can say it with Frank Sinatra….

” If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere”

With this, Aimondo then pushes the gate wide open to the eCommerce and financial markets. For it is not forgotten that the Aimondo shares are primarily intended to be a currency that enables the market entry of internationalisation quickly.

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