Aimondo Sales Trend Continues Unbroken in May 21

Almost 14% increase in turnover in May 21. Nationally alone, the Düsseldorf-based provider of artificial intelligence (AI) in eCommerce continues its exponential turnover trend. Internationally, additional contracts are expected in Switzerland and Austria in May. With this, Aimondo proves once again that AI methodology increases volume and revenue of online retailers in a fully automated way.

“Sales have gone up abnormally markedly this week; can really only be related to the price adjustments” confirms the managing director of the leading natural cosmetics mail order company from Switzerland and new customer at Aimondo. He is referring in particular to the articles whose stock rotation rate has been comparatively low up to now. After all, the 20% of the top articles in each assortment could also be positioned well up to now with commercial experience and skill. From a business point of view, it is often more interesting than just fine-tuning the bestsellers to raise previously hidden reserves and thus broaden the top-seller share.

Aimondo: AI system for eCommerce

For Aimondo, this continues the trend that began towards the end of last year of double-digit monthly turnover growth. And this does not even take into account the contributions of the new foreign branches in Italy, Austria and Great Britain.

For TTIP, the founding and holding company of Aimondo in Switzerland, it is important that the AI system for eCommerce developed in Germany is replicated in other countries. After all, in the online economy, globalisation is as much the key to a stable market position as it is to practically limitless scalability. From a purely technical point of view, the development team from the Rhineland is already world-class.

In addition to leading technology, sufficient financial strength determines the way into the most interesting industrialised countries. The newly established Aimondo foreign subsidiaries are proving their worth, but as expected they will have to be supported for some time.
To finance expansion and development, the German Aimondo GmbH issued a bond a year ago, the interest payment on which today provides investors with an excellent return for the second time at 5.75% interest p.a. It hardly bothers that the bond has been issued for the first time.

So it hardly matters that some German authorities are looking suspiciously at the hands of the high-tech developers. A successful start-up with artificial intelligence in the mega-trend market from German lands seems almost inconceivable in many places. Even the BAFin publicly suspected that Aimondo GmbH was selling shares in its parent company without an official prospectus. Yet the Düsseldorf-based company has not sold a single share, but has more than a million shares in its own portfolio. And BAFin sanctioned the share issue of Aimondo AG as well as its sale by the founding shareholder TTIP. This is what one can read in their generally accessible database.

Apparently, in international comparison, a German start-up with an innovative, purely private financing concept seems almost unreal from a retrograde point of view.

“AI is a game changer”

As an innovator, Heinrich Müller, digital pioneer and inventor of Aimondo’s artificial intelligence for eCommerce, sees it something like this: “While people in this country have hardly any practical idea of the effectiveness and benefits of artificial intelligence so far, this variant of technology is making its way into everyday world affairs a little more every day. It will rapidly simplify production, trade, transport, medicine and many other areas of industry and science. AI is a game changer. The consulting firm PwC already stated three years ago that we will see companies as market leaders that are unknown today.” PwC also foresaw that the winners would be countries like the US and China, while Germany would be more mediocre as a “Burgenland” in the environment of innovative and financially courageous AI superpowers from Asia and North America.

Thomas Baierlein, General Manager of Aimondo GmbH and member of the board of directors of Aimondo AG, reminds us that in the land of thinkers, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation already pointed out in 2018 that the state, society, economy, administration and science are called upon to deal intensively with artificial intelligence. At that time, however, many other countries were already long past the stage of merely writing down key points for the AI strategy. And Aimondo already had a functioning AI system in daily use for successful customers two years earlier.

It is therefore not surprising that AI-capable developers are also rare in this rather mundane environment. Therefore, in the future, newly emerging locations will form the distributed development environment for the company. It is even being considered to discuss further diversification of the company’s shares via crypto marketplaces with tokenised shares as an extension of the planned conventional listing on a European stock exchange. As a turbo to the use of established banking and regulatory structures that are rather obstructive in many respects.

Young talented programmers from all over the world at the location in Cyprus

The location of the founding partner in Nicosia, Cyprus, is probably an advantage here, because companies from the IT sector with fintech, gaming, trading with crypto units including shares thrive nearby. All of them benefit from the most advanced regulatory framework for new technologies. Young talented programmers from all over the world enjoy life in booming Limassol with excellent digital infrastructure, low cost of living and the life-affirming lifestyle of a Mediterranean state within the European Union. The often highly talented digital nomads like to move there to live in their ideal work/life balance.



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