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Product & Global Rollout

Thanks to our algorithms, our AI
automatically generates competitor
information with enormous depth.
The global rollout has begun.

Aimondo offers guaranteed multiple success for on- and offline merchants. The fastest growing and the most competitive markets in the world. And that’s why Aimondo’s clients, founders and investors maximize their opportunities in the commercially most successful part of the economy 4.0. Because Aimondo combines the potential of online commerce with the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Success in eCommerce has certain rules. Aimondo has analyzed the key findings and linked them to the Aimondo algorithm.

With Aimondo’s work results, relevant revenue increases become Aimondo’s customers benfit. More sales and more income. As a result, Aimondo’s operating business has already defined an annual revenue target of> 47 million euros per year in its fifth operating fiscal year – while maintaining the high gross profit.

Internet and digitization have changed the world more than any other technology over the last 20 years.

This also applies to commerce – e-commerce. The trend towards the online sale of goods of all kinds will continue in the coming years. Supported by the increase in offers, as well as smartphones and tablet computers as a permanent, always connected to the Internet companion of customers.

No company can ignore this change. The framework conditions of the economy change fundamentally during the course of the digital transformation. Companies that are not responding to this development, or only hesitant, are at risk of being overwhelmed by the dynamics of digital transformation or being ousted by innovative providers.

Technology thus becomes a strategic instrument. For example, the online retailer Amazon turns the price screw several times a day. And that with an assortment of around 20 million articles worldwide. Sometimes the prices drop, sometimes they increase. Who does this right, can lift his profits by a double-digit percentage amount. In addition to the operating result, you can significantly influence and control your market position.

Aimondo services are always at the highest level and in very special niches. This is where they are in demand. An active sale is therefore less important than a good passive presence. Finding them is the key. This is followed by first-class support for contacts made this way. The selling is thus rather a modern form of very qualified consultation on the basis of the consciousness to offer the best product, the best service for the requirement in connection with attractive conditions. This "sales form", if one can call it then in such a way, is rather a market contact in connection with technical instead of rhetorical authority.

Qualified consultants are the human contact interfaces, free use in limited extent (Freemium) and a live chat with developers complete the first contact level.

In order to be able to use this modern sales-form appropriately, the entire team from the developers to the chairman of the board is happy to answer journalists' and bloggers' questions, provide white paper information and invite them to visit the developer offices.

Aimondo is naturally found via search engines and serves selected markets with very special Adword combinations - specifically where Aimondo wants to gain market share. Classical search engine optimization is not the groups preferred choice. Instead the contents of the web pages are maintained reasonably well and filled with valuable information content in such a way that one can trust on the fact that the organic result functions of the search engines notice this value and reflect this in the ranking. Quality at every level.

In addition to actively promoted "passive" marketing methods, we rely heavily on a partner network. In order not only to have a horizontal presence in all targeted industries, but also to exploit vertical potential, we have already concluded several contracts with international specialists in various markets and are expanding this. Whether these are purely online affiliate partners or people and organisations who are particularly qualified in certain areas and have a first-class reputation, we decide pragmatically. For this reason, we welcome any new contact who can use and add value for Aimondo services as a multiplier. We examine every cooperation offer with the greatest care, openness and best will.

Beyond that we use the largest search engines in order to position ourselves completely purposefully, where one looks generally for the advantages of our achievements. Regionally, nationally and internationally. This seems to us to be the most effective method to only talk to potential customers and partners without any significant waste coverage. Efficient contacs between us and those whom we can guarantee tangible advantages.

As pure additional activity we use the classical direct marketing methods, if it applies a completely special advantage for a special industry. This can be the case, for example, if we have introduced a new function and research option that provides a particular value in a specific area. So if we have created something for a special shop category in a country that works very well, we offer those Aimondo system services in another country where the first customer for that function is not active.

For example a department store group normally competes with their industry peers in one country - but not cross-border. If we have programmed an unusual function for a customer in one country in order to meet special department-store requirements, they will not be bothered if we offer them to a department store group in another country. This gives us the opportunity to meet special requirements cost-effectively and, at the same time, to operate in an internationally profit-optimised manner. This benefits everyone who cooperates with us. And it helps us to expand Aimondo's market, performance and functional lead worldwide - while at the same time maintaining advantages that only serve our customers.

We look for the right companies, talk to them directly and in a targeted manner. Personally, in writing or via our contact network.

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